Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scarf Lust

Girls, I have scarf lust. I often stop at the DKNY next to my office for lunch. And by lunch I mean actually picking up lunch. A little know midtown Manhattan fact is that the Madison Avenue DKNY store has an awesome salad and sandwich counter on the 2nd floor! Everything is healthy, fresh and yummy. The downside? The wait! Sometimes you have to wait up to 20 minutes for your lunch since its so crowded and everything is made fresh. While waiting they stream the Spring 2011 Fashion Show video behind the counter and a shop-a-holic like me is inevitably tempted. I think the real secret of their salads is the subliminal shopping message that they are feeding you!

Anyway, this LONG story is because I am officially obsessed with the scarfs as seen (over and over again as I wait) on the Spring 11 Spring runway and all through the store. I am specifically obsessed with their floral print scarf that comes in a rainbow of chic Spring variations - black, nude, turquoise and orange. There are about a billion ways you can wear it but my fave way is tied around the neck like a chocker - as seen on the runway of course.

NY Fashion Week: DKNY Spring 2011

I also love it around the neck hankerchef style. See below in parachute (the variation I think I need) ...

So with so many variations to wear (not to mention as a head wrap - totally would rock it on the beach that way) why wouldn't I scoop it right up? Its $95. For a scarf. Less than Hermes or Pucci for sure, but still seems pricey for DKNY. I feel my obsession will end up getting the best of me (esp. since the store is so conveniently located next to my work place) but my question for you is, is $100 too much for a trendy, one-season scarf?

Fashionably Yours,

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