Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Daily Bling - Tuesday, June 29

Here is a little known fact about me... earrings are my LEAST favorite type of jewelry. Shocking? Well, maybe. But if you are a regular reader, you probably have realized this is the type of jewel we cover the least and mostly thats because it takes a LOT to impress me in an earring and share it with you!

This is why I have to hand it to one of my fav. designers, Rachel Leigh, for creating such a fabulous earring, that upon viewing I could not wait to share with you here at BBB! Rachel Leigh does feminine vintage with a modern twist like no other and her Lena Studs, today's daily bling, are certainly fit for a modern day Cinderella. We'd definitely wear these peach navette crystal stunners to the ball (or more likely a summer wedding) and think they are just the perfect earrings for a formal event because the oversized look makes them significant enough to wear dressy yet modest enough to compliment a statement necklace and full jewelry wardrobe. They have a quality to them that makes you think of something you'd find in your grandmother's jewelry box, but are so right now that you could wear them for so many occasions and so many years.

The Lena Studs are 14K gold and available for the very reasonable price of $66 at Rachel Leigh Online.

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