Thursday, August 26, 2010

Daily Bling - Thursday, August 26

Crystal lanyard necklace

If you are a regular reader of BBB then you know how much I look forward to recieving the new J. Crew catalog every month. The September J. Crew catalog came through my mail on Monday and oh how luxe it is! I am getting really excited for Fall and this delivery made me even more excited!

I was pleased to see the increased amount of jewelry featured in September (as oppossed to the one page we get usually). My favorite trend featured? The luxe crystal necklaces strung on equally feminine materials like chiffon, and woven, tasseled cotton. Most of these necklace were pretty pricey ($100+) but this little lovely is much more affordable at $55. A steal for the style if you ask us!

Check today's bling and all of J.Crew's beautiful pieces for Fall and let us know what you are lusting after.

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