Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy "Holly"ween!

I, for one, am a HUGE fan of Halloween. I love dressing up - maybe its my theater background or all of those theme parties I went to in college. Either way, every year I get super into Halloween - whether I put together my own costume or buy one in a bag! I always end up going to a few Halloween parties and being multiple costumes each year.

To get you in the mood - here are some of my favorite Halloween looks from the past.

(In order of appearance: Modern Vampire featuring H&M finds, Sookie Stackhouse Costume pulled together from Store and American Apparel, Alice in Wonderland straight from the bag, Ricky's, Hippie aka Nicole Richie pulled from my own closet)

There is no reason to not dress up and with that in mind consider BBB to have gotten "a spooky makeover" for the rest of the week. Tomorrow, we will break down our favorite last minute, easy Halloween looks and look out Sunday for what I wore this Halloween!

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