Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Daily Bling - Tuesday, April 27

I was most definitely-inspired by the bling-tastic episode of Dancing with the Star's last night when picking this cuff. I mean, do you ever wonder, how many swarovski crystals they must go through in one night one that show, let alone a whole season?

I've noticed the girls on the show are always wearing layers and layers of crystalized and blinged out cuffs in colors (to match their costumes of course) on both wrists - and I gotta say although I am not a ballroom dancer - there is something about that look I really like! (and I'm not the only one, remember the chic layered of Swarovski crytal bangles Kelly Benisimon from the Housewives was rocking at Fashion Week?). Of course I wouldn't recommend piling on too, too many of these crystal bangles on both wrists and head to the office but I think the inspiration can be pulled off in a really fun and flirty way in the form of today's bling - the Swarovski "Best Aqua Cuff". We'd love to see it paired with some skinny jeans, black open toe booties and a cropped leather jacket or with an LBD for your next formal event!

You can purchase this super fun cuff here but it will cost you, it's $360.

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  1. That is BEAUTIFUL! Great pick!