Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Au Revoir The Hills!

Series Finale Tonight At 10/9c

Last night was the series finale of The Hills, the beloved MTV reality show about 20-something "non-celebrities" and their real "non-scripted" lives living in the Hollywood Hills. Although in recent years, specifically since the departure of Lauren Conrad and demise of Speidi, I haven't been as interested in the show as I once had been, I became eerily sentimental of the end of this chapter in reality tv. See, it might sound silly but I sorta grew up with the Laguna Beach/The Hills franchise. Although, I was in college when Laguna started, The Hills began around the same time I graduated and since the girls all skipped the college experience (minus Lo of course) I could relate to that trying to find yourself, find a balance between being a real adult and young adult, career-woman and irreverent part girl, thing. You know, dealing with friend drama, boy drama, job drama etc. So this is why, perhaps, it makes me slightly sad that the series has ended. An end of an era in a way. Although we still have The City, the luster is just not the same, and the whole living in Manhattan thing and working in the beauty/fashion/PR industry hits a little too close for me personally...

That being said, I do think it was time for the series to come to close. The 'non-celebrity" cast needs to move on, find real jobs or new reality series and I think its fitting for a change. My one hope is that with the end of this we aren't introduced to yet another Jersey-related reality series to fill the void. I promise I am not knocking Jersey Shore in anyway, its just that Snooki and J-Woww are certainly enough.

I will miss, beyond relating to the whole "drama" thing, the awesome Cali-style fashion inspiration I have gotten from the show over the years. As a bit of my own tribute to this, I am using today's post to feature my favorite looks from the finale season of The Hills.

Stephanie Pratt's Fab Statement Necklace and Date Night Black Sweetheart Neck Mini-Dress
Stephanie heads out on her first date with Josh and the two immediately have something in common -- they don't drink.

Lo's Chic Hippie Blouse While Grocery Shopping Look
Lo and Stephanie go grocery shopping and talk about Audrina's odd behavior at Ryan's show.

Kristin's White Cut Out Dress while causing a scene at the Nylon Party Look
Kristin gets into a shouting match with Allie when she tries to stick up for McKaela.

The Always Rocker Chic Audrina in Sky High Boots
Kristin, Audrina, Stephanie, Holly and Lo meet up to discuss the future of their Spencer/Heidi relationships.
Cute and Cool During another Confrontation
Lo, Stephanie and Audrina confront Kristin about her partying habits, and share they've heard talk of her using drugs. Frustrated, Kristin blows the girls off.

What do you think about The Hills finale and surprise ending? What do you make of the whole "sound stage" scenario and perhaps most importantly who had your favorite look at the live finale last night?

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