Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentine's Day Gift Guide: For Her

Ahhh, Valentine's Day! The day of love! The day of roses. And chocolates. And what else? Well, jewelry of course! If you are looking for a chic gift for your girl this year - look no further than BBB! We breakdown our top gifts for her this Valentine's Day this year from luxe to less!

Tiffany Key Heart Pendant in Gold/ $850

The perfect "trendy" yet timeless gift from Tiffany's. The heart makes it romantic, the gold metal fashionable, and the little turquoise box? Priceless!

Judith Ripka Pink Crystal and Pave Heart Earrings/ $325
Judith Ripka is literally the queen of hearts. For a very special Valentines Day gift, get her something from Ripka's sterling silver collection. We love the pink gemstones because not only are they perfect for this holiday, but they are ultra feminine and will compliment all of the Spring styles.

A little Something
Gorjana Alphabet Charm Bracelet/ $40
Personalization makes any gift special and this dainty sterling silver bracelet from Gorjana is the perfect little something for V-Day. This would even be a cute gift for a son/daughter to give to mom! Get mom the kids initials instead of their own for something really special!

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  1. Love those Julie Ripka earrings! I'm a sucker for anything pink.