Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Daily Bling - Thursday, May 6

I know, I know. Another non-jewelry item daily bling. But hear us out. We just weren't fully inspired by any traditional jewelry pieces today (gasp) and it is a crossbody bag so it will ornate your look at the very least!! Finally, we just couldn't resist featuring this too sweet for words vintage inspired find from our NEW favorite website obsession - Nasty Gal.

We know the website name sounds, well, funny but believe us if you haven't yet been to you better get your butt over there! We were recently introduced to this amaze vintage and vintage inspired e-shop via The Coveted and can't get enough. We wanted to order EVERYTHING on this site. But the good news is most things we wanted were actually affordable for once!

Take today's bling for example, the Bonbon Mini Pouch. Its as sweet as a bonbon and at a price we can stomach - it's only $80! We picture Katy Perry rocking this one but think you could get away with it too! This metallic gold crossbody bag is embellished with a rainbow of pastel crystal accents and features a luxe looking gold chain link strap. We think its would like oh-so-cute on a pastel silk jumper with some wedges for a night out on the town or with one of spring's bustier style dresses if you really want to put on the charm.

This is just one of the many super cool finds on Nasty Gal - so please don't let the website's name deter you and see for yourselves!

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