Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Get Shoes like Kim Kardashian

Truth be told, I am sorta a sucker for Kim Kardashian. Make it the whole Kardashian clan actually. I just like them okay, don't judge! Anyway, needless to say I decided to join ShoeDazzle, the shoe society Kim backs which is basically a shoe of the month club. I trust Kim's style and decided to use my blog as an excuse of why I had to join and "test" the shoes. I am pleasantly surprised to say my whim was a good one because I got my first pair of shoe's today and they are super, super cute!

ShoeDazzle is really easy to join and a great concept if you ask me. You simply go to their website, answer a few questions about your personal style (a touch I must say I both appreciated and thought was fun), and get a selection of about 4 -5 shoe styles to choose from a month. It's only $39 dollars a month to join and you can skip a month and not pay the charge if you don't feel inclined to choose a shoe or cancel at any time. So, I thought why not right?

The shoe I picked this month are called the Stevie, above. They are described as a gladiator/thong and although the leather is faux they are surprisingly super soft and comfortable! I love the little wooden wedge and zipper back detailing - they look surprising high end. I needed a new pair of gold gladiators anyway and for less than $40 I figured I couldn't go wrong!

And for some reason (and I don't know if they do this every month or just your first) they also sent me a free graphic scarf! They came packaged in a really nice high-end shoe box that even included a shoe bag.

So, in conclusion so far so good with ShoeDazzle! I'lll let you know my thoughts on next month's purchase and if I decide to continue my membership upon rocking my new cute Stevie's around town! Thanks Kim K - I just KNEW I could trust your style :)

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