Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily Bling - Tuesday, May 18

My favorite reality show sisters - The Kardashians - debuted their new line of jewelry under the Virgins, Saints and Angels collection at Kitson in Los Angeles this week and as you can imagine we were very, very excited to check out the line. Their new line is said to be inspired by the girl's Armenian hertige with every piece symbolic in some way.

Overall, we are sad to say we are less than impressed with the line. The collection has a very gothic feel which we def. like but the pieces are a bit overpriced for costume jewelry and there are only two real stand outs in the line of about 12 pieces that we are lusting over. One is naturally, today's daily bling, the Beaded Magdelena Necklace shown above. The black bead and chain necklace is adorned with a Swarovski crystals and looks super chic on the adorable Kourtney Kardashian, below.

The other AWESOME piece in the collection is most definitely Double Point Cuff but at $345 its out of the question for us. You can check out their entire jewelry collection at Kitson online including today's daily bling which retails at $198.

We normally die for the Kardashian girls style which is why it saddens us to say that we think we can only give this new collection a B+. However we'd love to hear your thoughts on the Kardashian's new jewelry line. What do you think?

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