Sunday, May 16, 2010

To Sample Sale, or Not to Sample Sale: Rebecca Minkoff Edition

Spending money in New York is awfully easy. Not only are our rent's high, our groceries more expensive and having a parking spot considered a true luxury but there are all sorts of other other tempting, expensive side effects of being a NYer. One of these is the seasonal sample sale. With nearly every top designer having a sample sale after every season its hard for the fashion-obsessed to save money. Even though you are getting a deal technically, the sample sale makes it hard to resist the shopping itch and such is true with this week's highlight: the Rebecca Minkoff seasonal sale.

We resisted the urge to go to the RM sale all week even though we have been dying to get our hand's on one of her bags (this was hard to do with all the chatter about how awesome the sale was on Twitter). With a busy work week it was nearly impossible to get there anyway, but alas on the last day (today) I finally caved. And let me tell you I wanted everything! Neon cross-body's, studded clutches, and MABs galore. Buying just one was hard enough. I think I ended up making the right choice- I scooped up this lovely Black Darling Bag, picture below.

I needed an x-large black bag for work purposes, which is why I went with the Darling. It's just a little rocker with the gold zipper detailing and fringe. It's not over the top or too trendy, but still super cute. I really wanted to buy this super hot grey mini MAB with neon pink detailing as well - but alas I couldn't justify the purchase and decided to buy what I needed instead of what I just wanted. We got it for about 60% off which we say is pretty good. What do you think of the purchase?

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