Monday, March 1, 2010

Bachelor Breakdown: The Ring

So he did it as the tabloids and reality blogs predicted. He picked Vienna! She wouldn't have been my choice (to put it nicely) but I suppose Jake was really into her. Again, I am not sure why and I surely don't think many viewers who watched the season know either, but alas "sweet little Jake" picked outspoken, controversial and overall pretty annoying, Vienna.

Anyways, if the girl has any redeeming qualities its her good taste in engagement rings! A few weeks back Vienna let Jake know she liked princess cut rings, and the sparkler he picked out for her certainly did look ravishing on her finger in tonight's season finale.

The "ring" is on the right, a princess cut Neil Lane

The Neil Lane Princess Cut Diamond and Platinum Ring that Jake proposed with tonight sat on a pave band setting with the stone itself surrounded by pave diamonds. Its a very fashionable choice and I think fits Vienna's bold personality. Carat weight is not confirmed but I'm hearing its close to 4 carat in the solitaire alone.
UPDATE: I have confirmed the solitaire itself is 2.72 in weight

So what do you think of Bachelor Jake's choice (in both the ring and woman)? And how long do you think this will last?

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