Saturday, March 13, 2010

Best Accessorized, Namaste Style

My favorite non-shopping or fashion related activity is most definitly yoga these days. There is something about taking a yoga class that makes you feel balanced, fulfilled, active and accomplished.

That being said, yoga accessories have become sort of an obsession of mine (go figure, i always need to have the best gear) and my favorite yoga apparel line is most definitely Lululemon Athletica. Equal parts functional/comfortable and fashionable, I can't get enough of the clothing and accessories in this line. Its a bit expensive for yoga wear but..... I guess there always has to be a catch.

Here are some of my current fav's from the line. The cutest would be the tank but probably the most needed is the yoga mat. (mine is about 6 years old and has seen better days for sure). Which yoga related item do you think is worth the splurge?

I actually have this in black and am a little sad to just be finding this teal version now - who needs two yoga bags right??

I have this tank in a solid heather pink and wear it all the time! I love it even more in this multi-colored tie dye look.

These are more of an investment, but probably would get worn ALL the time. I love a cropped pant for yoga and these ones are both comfortable and flattering on most shapes.

Not needed, just cute and comes in a variety of different color combos with empowering messages. Hey its better then buying a bunch of Poland Springs right?

The Mat/ $68
What I really need, and would really like to get but can't seem to want to make the investment on....


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