Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Daily Bling - Tuesday, March 2nd

Today's Daily Bling is truly a fantastical piece and I only wish the images could do it better justice. Last night, I was particularly excited to receive my Anthropologie Spring Catalog. I actually haven't shopped at Anthro in quite a long time, but it used to be a favorite shop of mine. I don't really know why I haven't thought to check them out these past few seasons - maybe I was sick of their "home spun/hippie look" or maybe the prices just seemed too high but either way I am back to being a fan - especially because of this truly FAB necklace.

I love the Raining Asters Necklace because it reminds me of something a mermaid would wear. All of the loose, floating gold and glistening embellishments seem like sea treasures woven together by hand. Its the kind of thing you would find in a treasure chest at the bottom of a sunken ship. Its almost other-worldly and ethereal in style and the leather and canvas straps only add to its vintage allure.

Of course this is not a piece you could wear every day, or even maybe more then once, but if you have a special occasion in mind or a simple dress you would like to revamp this Spring, this would be the perfect addition to your look. The Raining Asters Necklace is $228 and available on the Anthropolige website for purchase.

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  1. I definitely go through my Anthro spurts as well! I always love their accessories-- great statement pieces!