Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Daily Bling - Wednesday, March 17th

Hey lovelies! I'm heading out to LA today for a trip for work so just want to worn you the next few days blog postings might be a little sporadic but I will be committing to bring you some daily bling every day, no worries!

In honor of LA, I bring you our very first HAIR BLING! I found the Deepa Gurnani Woven Crystal Headband on ShopBop and love the rhinestone detailing and hippie chic braided style. I could see some of our favorite boho starlets wearing this headpiece from Nicole Richie to Vanessa Hudgins to Sienna Miller. I love this look but I am not sure if I could really pull it off in NYC. Maybe with all black? I just don't know.

I'd love to purchase this headband just to wear on my trip but I am thinking that probably would be a waste. What do you think - could we pull this look off?? Or would we end up wearing it like a normal headband - maybe with a pulled back ponytail?? Now that's not a bad idea...

Check out Deepa Gurnani's beautiful head pieces at

Fashionably Yours,

Ohhh and PS: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

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