Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Daily Bling - Thursday, March 4th

Today's Daily Bling is a get-it-while-its-hot kinda item! J. Crew announced yesterday that they added some more items to their final sale and they have a great selection in jewelry!! We have always admired the Bijoux Pear Bracelet and its now available for $30 from its original $68 price point - more than 50% OFF! We love it for its rose gold detailing and light violet crystals - so feminine and fun! There are a lot of beautiful and recent collection pieces on sale including the lovely Dogwood Flower Necklace we featured in our "Spring Neutrals" post!

On a side note, I know I have maybe been abusing my love for J. Crew's jewelry on this blog (and in the daily bling as of late) so I promise this will be my last J. Crew Daily Bling for at least a week (which is gonna be hard)! I just couldnt resist sharing the final sale news with you.

Check out the sale here: J. Crew Final Sale. Happy Shopping and let us know which J. Crew final sale item you pick up in the comments!

Fashionably Yours,

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