Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Welcome to Booties, Bags and Baubles!

Hello World!

Welcome to Booties, Bags and Baubles a different kind of fashion blog dedicated to the blingiest, frilliest, shiniest and prettiest accessories on the planet. Who are we? Holly and Cathy are just a couple of beauty publicists from NYC with a very unhealthy obsession with accessories, style, fashion, beauty and reality tv celebrities. In 2010, we decided to finally put our passion for purses to some good (well we hope, good) by starting a blog dedicated to those finishing touches which are really the most FUN part of putting together any outfit!

Stay tuned for new collection reviews, celebrity trend news, our daily "bling" (favorite jewelry pick for the day that is), Q&As with industry leaders and other fashionable new yorkers and our otherwise daily musings...

Fashionably Yours,
H and C

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