Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Step Into Spring with Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Striped Damask Pump

Christian Louboutin. What is there really to say? The name speaks for itself. The shoes tell the story. I don't think anyone else knows how to do a sexier pump than this line, and its clear why women feel the need to drop their entire weekly pay check on a pair. If Chanel is the queen of the handbag dare I say Louboutin is king of the pump.

I am feeling really down about the NYC weather right about now. I am so over the wind, the snow, the sleet and the bitter cold. These shoes scream summer and I think if you have the cash for a total fun pair of super shoes, these could really dress up nearly every summer sundress from bohemian to maxi, night out to backyard bbq.

Although these are a great inspiration, I don't think its very realistic that I (or many others) will be dropping the $850 it takes to bring these babies home. Luckily, bright patterned pumps is a big trend for Spring/Summer and there are plenty of options in the $100 and under range.

The Two Lips Patterned Pumps for only $89 dollars and available at follow the same patterned look of the Louboutin version and have a nice platform to give you feet a sexy boost.

The Nine West Aleksy Pump are not multi-colored like the Louboutin's but offer the same sexy, shape and use of a bright color and patterned material that will instantly off-set a simple neutral or complementing bright colored look. And at only $79 these are basically a no brainer.

Finally our "wild card" the Colin Stuart for Victoria's Secret Tye Day Pump (in the white/green/pink version) although a diversion in the style of the Louboutin's have a similar island, boho feel and will make a statement with a summer look. The combo of the cotten tye dye embellishment with leather heel and platform also remind me of the dressy/undressy feel of the Louboutins.

Which bright statement shoe will you be rocking this summer?

Fashionably Yours,

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